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RF Applications

RF Heat Seal Technology can be utilized in a number of industries.

Medical Industry
Medical Industry Application

Badges - Bags - Blood bags
Blood separation systems
Blood plasma kits - Blood pressure cuffs
Boxes - Colostomy bags - Containers
Crib mattresses - Diapers - Electric blankets
Emblems - Enema bags - Embossing design
Flourescent light covers - Glove boxes
Heating pads - Hemovac - Industrial gloves
Invitro feeding bags - IV bags - Lamp covers
Mattress covers - Mobile clean rooms
Oxygen breathing tents - Patient ID tags and bracelets
Pillow covers - Pulsating air mattresses
Safety equipment - Sponges - Sterilizers
Stretcher & bed covers - Stretcher pads
Urinary drainage bags - Water-filled eye pads
Water mattresses - Wound evacuation pumps and bags

Athletic Sporting Goods and Products
Athletic Sporting Goods Products
Arrows - Athletic bags
Badges - Bags
Bowling bags - Boxes
Containers - Emblems
Embossing designs
Flags - Golf carts
Golf club covers
Gun cases, belts, holsters
Hats/caps - Hunting gear/clothing
Jackets - Lettering for sport jerseys/equipment
Stadium cushions
Waders - Zippers (bags, reinforcements)



Military Applications

Aircraft covers - Air force pressure units
Air mattresses - Badges - Bags
Ballistic products - Body bags
Bulletproof vests - Boxes - Canteen liners
Cargo covers - Containers - Cushions
Desk sets - Door panels - Drill holders
Electricals - Electric blankets - Emblems
Embossing designs - Flags
Fuel bladders - G suits - Gun belts & holsters
Industrial equipment covers - Industrial glove
Jeep tops - Lamp covers
Luggage binding/lining/pockets - Life vests
Mats - Mattress covers - Military covers
Missile covers - Nuclear fallout protection garment
Pillow covers - Ponchos - Protective covers
Rain gear - Shelters - Tarpaulins
Tents - Truck covers - Zippered bag

Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry

Arm rests - Car seats - Carpet heel pads
Chair backs - Child car seats
Containers - Convertible tops
Dashboards - Door panels
Emblems - Embossing designs
Harness cables - Headrests
Industrial equipment covers
Jeep tops - Lamp covers
Landau Tops - Litter bags
Mats - Rear windows
Seats (embossing-panels)
Seats and covers - Shelter dock uploading
Station wagon/SUV pads - Sun visors
Tarpaulins - Tool kit pouches
Truck and auto covers
Upholstery - Water reservoirs


Packaging Industry:
Packaging Industry

Ball bearings - Blister packagin
Boxes - Candy
Clam shell packaging - Containers
Drug - Emblems
Embossing designs - Hardware
Industrial equipment covers
Luggage binding/linings/pockets
Pharmaceutical packagin
Pouches - PVC blisters to cardboard
Reusable cases - Stamp
Trapped blister with board to board seal

Baby Products:
Baby Products
Baby baths - Baby pants
Bags - Bathroom scales
Bibs - Bottles - Boxes
Car seats - Carriages
Containers - Crib bumpers
Crib mattresses covers
Crib pads - Diapers - Drapes
Emblems - Embossing designs
Furniture - Hampers
Jackets - Luggage binding/lining/pockets
Playpen pads - Pillow covers
Raincoats - Robes - Stuffed toys
Teething rings - Toy dolls

Swimming Pool Liners & Accessories
Swimming Pool Liners and Accessories

Containers - Emblems
Embossing designs - Inflatable toys
Pool covers - Pool liners
Pool pads - Wading pools

Billboards & Signs:
Billboards and Signs

Awning - Banners
Billboards - Emblems
Embossing designs - Fluorescent light covers
Lamp covers - Signs

Tents, Canvases & Awnings:
Tents, Canvases and Awnings

Awning canopies - Containers
Emblems - Embossing designs
Geodesic domes - Grommet components
Inflatable buildings - Shelters
Tents - Tarpaulins

Inflatable Products / Boat Accessories:
Inflatable Products / Boat Accessories

Air houses fixed/portable
Beach balls - Boat covers/seats
Containers - Cushions
Danger flags - Emblems
Embossing designs - Escape Slides
Headrests - Life preservers
Rafts - Tarpaulins
Upholstery - Water beds

Looseleaf Binder Industry:
Looseleaf Binder Industry
Binders - Boxes
Briefcases - Containers
Desk sets - Emblems
Embossing designs   - Envelopes
Notebooks - Pocket protectors
Pocket secretaries - Portfolios
Record envelopes - Tabs

Additional RF Applications:
Additional RF Applications

Advertising premiums & novelties
Air conditioner covers - Book covers
Carpeting (stair treads)
Comb cases - Cosmetic cases & kits
Inflatable toys

Window Shades:
Window Shades

Curtains - Blinds
Emblems - Embossing designs
Window shades